Periodontal Disease Affects Your General Health

Dec 10 • 2 minute read

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or periodontitis, is a common oral health issue. Although many people experience minor gum disease, not everyone knows how it can severely damage our smiles and even the rest of our body. The mouth is not an isolated area, but like every part of our bodies, is an integrated system that factors into our overall health.

The Mouth-Body Connection

Besides the mouth leading to the stomach, nasal cavity, and lungs, it also has close connections with the blood flowing through your veins. The facial artery carries nutrients and blood to the face, but can also carry bacteria back through the body. Branches of the artery are attached to the jaw, and when periodontal disease develops too far, it seeps through the tissues and enters the blood stream. This can have a myriad of effects, besides spreading bacteria. Dentists have found, through research, that gum disease makes people more likely to develop heart disease and have difficulty controlling their blood sugar level. For individuals with pre-existing heart problems and those with diabetes, periodontal disease can complicate those already terrible heart problems. As if it’s not enough to have bleeding gums, cavities, and possibly lose teeth, periodontitis can make bad health problems worse. 

Gum Disease Treatment makes Good Oral Health

Treating periodontal disease doesn’t have to involve invasive surgery and antibiotics, but that’s only if it is caught soon enough. The symptoms are easy to recognize, and early stages of the disease are reversible. Bleeding gums, gum pockets, cavities, loose teeth and mouth pain are some of the most obvious signs of bacterial infection. But this can all be stopped from the beginning with good brushing and flossing techniques.

Brush twice a day for two minutes each, and floss at least once. This will break up the cycle of growing bacteria, remove food particles and stains the teeth may have gained from the day. More severe cases of the disease, especially when it is influencing the health of the body, require more intense care. Periodontal cleanings like root planing and scaling or laser therapy may be required to removed infected tissue. 

Our Team of Dentists is Here for You

Mehta Dental Group has a breadth of resources available for anyone who requires their mouth treated for gum disease. We treat individuals no matter what stage of periodontal disease they have, and our goal is to care for the patient, not make anyone feel bad for their smile. We offer treatments that make even the most sensitive mouth comfortable, and we accommodate patients who aren’t comfortable in the dentist chair. 

Call Mehta Dental Group today in one of our four locations. We offer convenient and efficient service designed to help everyone achieve their oral health goals. 

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