Amazing Qualities of Dental Implants

Dec 10 • 1 minute read

Everyone wants a complete smile that not only reflects the natural beauty of their smile, but also functions normally and without any pain. It’s no secret that you can improve your smile with dental improvements that cover up the teeth, but it’s also possible to restore whole arches and whole smiles with dental implants. Patients in need of teeth replacement will find no better way to restore their smile than with dental implants, for they are proven to be long-lasting and strong. Mehta Dental Group is proud to serve many cities, such as Brea and Tustin, with gentle implant dentistry services.

Diverse Dental Implants with Diverse Applications

When you are missing a tooth or many teeth, you may face a decrease in jaw bone strength, as the bone decays when a tooth is removed. As your jaw shrinks, your face may take on a sunken look, which can create the look of premature aging. Preventing jaw bone deterioration is important to your oral health and the beauty of the smile. Depending on your needs, different kinds of restorations can be customized to complete your dentition.

Convenient snap-on overdentures and permanent hybrid dentures are affixed to implants and become your new set of teeth. Implant-fixed bridges are another permanent solution that complete whole arches in your smile without damaging other teeth. For individual teeth replacement, a porcelain crown is set on an implant. All restorations are designed to be as durable as real teeth while also capturing the smooth and polished sheen your natural teeth have. 

With dental implants from Nobel Biocare and Implant Direct, patients can expect the best in dental implant technology. An implant can be placed anywhere in the jaw, for dental implants themselves vary in width and size, giving dentists the freedom to adapt the technology. If your jaws are thinner, mini dental implants are also available. Even if a patient’s jaw is too thin dentists make use of bone grafts to make room for dental implants.

Dental Implants from Mehta Dental Group

Mehta Dental Group offers many specialized implant procedures tailored to fit diverse dental needs. All of the implant options mentioned above are accessible through our comprehensive dental services in Pico Rivera and also in Brea. For our customers outside of  Los Angeles visit our offices in Los Alamitos and Tustin. Call us today!


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