Dr. Birju Mehta presenting on Oral Care and educating Costa Mesa's

community on how to improve their dental health through dental care.

Dr. Bijal Mehta educating on the importance of Oral Care & Overall Wellness

Dr. Ashok Mehta presenting on Oral Care & Aging Well to Whittier Hospital

(L to R): Dr. Bijal, Dr. Ashok & Dr. Birju 

Attending Los Alamitos People's Choice Award

Richard Murphy - City Council Member of Los Alamitos

Laurel Elementary School - Brea  2nd & 3rd Graders

Laurel Elementary School - Brea
Mehta Dental Group - Brea mentoring Mrs. G's 2nd & 3rd Graders for their 2017-2018 Career Exploration Project

Eric Nunez - Chief of Police of Los Alamitos

Mrs. G's 2nd & 3rd graders from Laurel Elementary School in Brea visiting Dr. Bijal and his team for an office tour.

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